Personal, Effective and Impactful

We connect provocative ideas and organizations with corporate sponsors, philanthropists and other funders.

What We Do

We help organizations ...

achieve a greater and more measurable impact

By ...

bringing clarity to what they most want to 

      " cause to happen"

and how they are uniquely positioned to do so.

We then ...

build plans and connect them to appropriate delivery partners, philanthropists, social impact investors, corporate sponsors and or foundations.

About Us

Our Experience

Our team's long-term experience from multi-disiplanary backgrounds (corporate, government, and nonprofit sectors) allows us to bring objectivity, creativity and effective execution of sustainable solutions and strategies.

Our Approach

We "zoom out to zoom in."   Our team will conduct a contextual landscape analysis of an organization's market environment and then zoom in to strengthen and or change critical elements of its operations leading to greater impact and sustainable long-term funding.   

Why Us?

We have a proven track record of helping organizations "see things that they don't see about themselves."  We provide unique insights to realize new strategic opportunities within pragmatic frameworks.

Contact Us

NPL Impact Consulting

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